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For children with autism 


New Members 

Membership is for families with a child or children with autism. Annual Family Membership Fee £25 This is to cover the running costs of the charity. For new members joining during the year the fee is £2 per month, until the next annual renewal date. 

Join interAKtive

Existing Members

Each year you will receive a renewal reminder with a link to confirm and update your details with options to pay online or via cheque. 

PLEASE NOTE: Priority for play-scheme applications will be given to members that have been with interAKtive for 6 months or more

Renew Membership

Personal Data

We hold personal data solely to run the charity effectively. We hold the data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.Although the focus of the charity is local, membership is not limited to any specific catchment area. Please advise of any changes or address or details as soon as they happen to keep our records up to date and correct for you.